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GDAF-IDEAL Call to Global Deaf Advocacy


Kavita: Hello! My name is Kavita and this is my sign name. I am the Executive Director of Global Deaf Aid Foundation (GDAF). This is the sign name of GDAF. I am very pleased to be here.

Isidore: Hello, I am Isidore Niyongabo, this is my sign name. I am the president and founder of an organisation called IDEAL which breaks down as “International Deaf Education advocate and Leadership” which is based in the USA. IDEAL promotes education, advocate and leadership on expertise in training for all Deaf people all over the world. Mostly the training is in Asia from then up to now. I am very happy to be here be with you.

Kavita: YES! Same here, I have noticed that we do similar things, the main reason is that we have the same philosophy where we promote and see all the people out there by uplifting leadership, education, work opportunity, woman empowerment. We GDAF provide these services which are not only for adults but for Deaf kids with many diversities etc.

Now, we both are sitting here and we will be discussing how we don’t realise how big the impact made on the matter pertaining BLM and COVID-19, it does not only impact the USA but to these different countries. We are here to provide support to those around us.  Would you like to say something?

Isidore: Yes, it is really true. With these countries from Asia and Africa, in the past, there are a huge demand with regard to financial Leadership training was high since but now with the issues pertaining COVID-19 and the BLM, these actions are becoming globally, however it is very nice to see how the world are collaborating to improve the quality of lives and human right advocate for the Black Deaf people and for the people all over the world. If we look at their need to which it had increased that will also increase the demand for us to provide the resources had increased massively. It is really true with that for us we have to keep going on improving and start on advocating on education to access.

For example, Here in America, all the schools are closed because of the lockdown, They may continue their education from home using virtual learning which is very nice since we all have access to the internet.

Unfortunately in most countries in Africa, they have limited access to the internet which means their education learning had to be suspended until the school reopened to continue learning. COVID- 19 access to information is very limited. Some children who normally stay at the school, which is technically their home however when it locks down, some kids go back home. But some of the kids do not have homes and end up back in the street. We IDEAL had partnered with one organisation currently to which we call them as GBCZ (Give Back to Community in Zambia). They already have a small school with about 15 Deaf children who have no home. We will be provided money yearly to help these kids who have no home to stay alive in the school.  We will truly need all your help no matter how big or small will truly help a long way with our projects.

Kavita: yes, it is really important about Giving back to the community. We would like to see the safety of the Deaf children, not only from COVID-19 but they should continue being educated. It is really important that they continue their education without being stopped or suspended to continue learning. On the other hand, for example with India, The Deaf school in India does not have excellent internet access and they approached us to which we listen and take note of their concern.  As for South Africa which has the same issue regarding technology, the network is really expensive to which Deaf people cannot afford to buy access to information. The reason is that parents lose their employment or do not have jobs available to which they do not have money to buy data/network to provide for their children. Brazil, we also see that they also have no network access. These are the examples to which is very most common which is devastating. COVID-19 does impact them very hard.  It doesn’t impact on education only but it also impacts on their employment as well.  With your support, the projects out there will continue to grow. We really need your support.

Interesting things, contributions, do have a list with all the links made available. Do you have something to add?

Isidore: yes, we are really driven by your support, despite how big or small. We continue and extend the circle of our partnership to bring in more people for example where they can-do one-time donation, or they can make an annual commitment. The plan with Ideal for our children program where we can make a contribution of $50 annually for one child for one year for their education. This kind of place where we can have more people who approach us to make a commitment annually would be wonderful for us. At the same time, we should remember that with the Black Lives Matter, this action can increase the demand, which many other countries including Brazil also approached us last November since there are Black Deaf communities there who required our help to empower and train leadership with them. East Africa and many other places including India also approach us requiring leadership training on how to advocate on their right and how to train the young woman to stay safe. Here we also have an issue with police which is also the same issue for other countries as well. We want to give them training on how to equip themself on knowing what they want and the surrounding environment is around and how to keep each other safe. Thank you again for your support.

Kavita: Yes, we can see that BLM is being advocated in America, we also see the same advocate around the world as well. Please consider donating either his IDEAL or (IDEAL) GDAF, IDEAL? Is that correct? It IDEAL IDEAL OHHH IDEAL. GDAF This one, GDAF (SIGN). This is because of the earth that used hands and we all collaborate. (OOOH Interesting). We are really amazed to see what IDEAL have decided to partner with our organisation GDAF. Is there only two, NO!, if there is any organisation who are interested in joining are more than welcome to contact either of us. Please Do! Thank you so much for watching us.    

Isidore: Thank you!

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