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Workshops in South Africa

David De Keyzer and Karunya Samuel led a 2-day workshop attended by leaders in the Deaf community of Gauteng, Johannesburg. They shared their tools and resources of being on an international platform and how this empowers the Deaf. Visiting deaf schools was also a goal of the GDAF team members while in Johannesburg. St. Vincent School for the Deaf and MCK School for the Deaf were both excited to welcome Deaf leaders from France and the USA. Sam and David were also able to meet two local Deaf organizations: DeafSA and eDeaf. This meeting allowed them to present and share the mission of GDAF. It created inspiration and a desire for partnerships so that more local organizations have a grounded footed in their respective Deaf communities.

Deaf Expo in Berlin

Over 2,500 Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing attendees all congregated at the Deaf Expo in Berlin, Germany. GDAF held a booth with Kavita Pipalia as the point of contact during the expo. Using international sign language, Kavita interviewed several people living in Germany as a Deaf person.


GDAF is proud to announce a partnership with the LEAD-K campaign. A response to an alarming number of Deaf children arriving at school without language. It aims to end language deprivation through information about the language milestones and measurements of these achievements. GDAF and LEAD-K share the belief that Deaf

children benefit from their native signed languages, with a goal of language acquisition.

GDAF Board Members

Meet Sofia Seitchik

Founder of Global Deaf Women,

Sofia has created a community of

women who hail from all walks of

life, who support each other by

building confidences, and

discovering their passions. Global

Deaf Women provides programs

that help Deaf women discover

their passion and how to earn

money from it.

Green Carpet Gala on May 5th, 2018

A special thank you to all the sponsors of the Green Carpet Gala -- a success!

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