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Updated: Feb 24, 2020


Inzigane Festival, SociGo December 5-7, 2018

SociGo hosted their first festival Inzigane which translates to "children" in Zulu. 405 deaf children from 7 Deaf schools were invited to Gauteng, Johannesburg to participate in order to uplift Deaf children while providing them access to art and culture. The festival also provided parents an opportunity to build a relationship with their children in a different way and be part of their inspiring lives.

The festival took place at St. Vincent School for the Deaf and over a period of 3 days. The first two days were about educational programs including workshops and lectures from 12 famous Deaf artists who lended their talents to teach Deaf children in the program. The third day was set aside for the Children's Show, where the Deaf students performed what they learned for their parents and friends.

GDAF Executive Director 2019, Kavita Pipalia

Kavita previously served as Program Manager of Partnerships at GDAF. "My passion to go out into the world and elevate Deaf people in order to understand themselves as individuals and leaders. GDAF does not only provide funding to cultivate these leaders into their communities but the resources on how to do it. As current President of the California Association of the Deaf, Kavita will utilize her leadership skills to uplift members of the Deaf community on a local and global scale

GDAF is excited to announce their partnership with Clin d'Oeil in for the Oiol Festival that will take place in Washington DC July 7 - 12, 2020 It is a spinoff from the Clin d'Oeil Festival that will keep the same spirit of promoting sign language through culture, media, art, technology, innovation and education

Manager of Strategy and Planning, Oiol Festival, Adeline Aielo

Adeline was selected by PM David De Keyzer and Philippe Berthe to be the Manager of Strategy and Planning, including Program Oversight and Public Relations for the Oiol Festival 2020. She was born and raised in Reims, France and worked as a French Sign Language interpreter for 5 years before moving to the USA in 2013. Adeline came to the US for a PhD in Education, but then met her husband and stepson (Americans), got married and then had twin boys of her own. Suffice it to say, her plans had a minor detour and she has yet to finish her PhD. Manager of Strategy and Planning, Oiol Festival, Adeline Aielo In April 2019, when she went back to France to visit her family , Adeline also met with David and Philippe who approached her with the idea of Oiol Festival. Much to her excitement, she was more than happy to join the team considering her previous experience with Clin d'Oeil Festival. She says, "After working for David and Philippe for the Clin d'Oeil Festival, I am already familiar with what working for a festival such as OioL can be! I am very happy to be part of the adventure."

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