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Updated: Feb 24, 2020


GDAF at Clin d'Oiel & World Federation of the Deaf:

Kavita Pipalia, Executive Director of GDAF with Howard Rosenblum, CEO of National Association of the Deaf

GDAF was able to spread the word about services our organization provides by having a booth at the renowned visual language and arts festival affectionally called "Clin d'Oiel Festival" in Reims, France on July 4th - 8th, 2019. GDAF is "on the map" with an international presence!

President Roberta "Bobbi" Cordano of Gallaudet University and her wife, Mary, visiting the GDAF Booth at WFD.

At this festival hosted in France, GDAF’s collaboration with this worldwide visual language and arts festival was successful. We provided coordinators from Brazil and South Africa to

attend this international festival. Our presence at this Deaf world stage allowed us to deeply listen to many community leaders who helped us understand successful models for Deaf

communities and where we are needed to build on these successes.

David de Keyzer presents Oiol in the USA

September 20th, David presents at RIT in front of all people interest, it lasted 1 hour

and allowed for people to ask questions

September 23rd, David presents at Gallaudet University during the International Day of Sign

Languages and International Week of the Deaf

Please visit for more information

SociGo hosts fundraising events, September 2019

Johannesburg and Capetown, South Africa

GDAF has been collaborating with our South African counterparts through SociGo who have been hosting fundraising events for their local Deaf culture and arts festival entitled "Inizagine Fest and Hands Fest" that will be held in Capetown, South Africa Fall 2020.

Message from Kavita - Executive Director:

Kindly, keep our vital work alive by donating to GDAF. We have provided consultations for Deaf schools and helped to host visual language festivals vital to Deaf communities' sustainable culture around the world including but not limited to Brazil, South Africa

and Deaf communities in India.We are developing partners with Deaf communities in many other countries too. But we need your help to keep our good work going- “No language left behind, no Deaf child left behind” is our motto.

Ride the GDAF wave, spread positive outcomes for Deaf children worldwide!

Please consider donating to GDAF this holiday season by visiting:

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