Round table discussion on sign language community with different organizations who works on deaf community, partnership with Global Deaf Aid Foundation (GDAF) and Ethiopian National Association of the Deaf (ENAD).
February 2020
Global Deaf Aid Foundation Executive Director Kavita Pipalia and Development Committee Erica Taylor visited The Oral for the Deaf School.
Koltaka, India
February 2020
XVIII World Congress of the World Federation for the Deaf 
Paris, France
July 2019
Festival Clin d'oeil 2019
Remis, France
July 2019
Hands Fest hosted by SociGO. Partner with Global Deaf Aid Foundation and CineSourd.
Edcon Hall, Johannesburg, South Africa
December 2018
Seven schools from Gauteng attended Izingane Festival 2018 hosted by SociGO.  Partner with Global Deaf Aid Foundation and CineSourd.
St Vincent School for the Deaf, Johannesburg, South Africa
Novemeber 2018
SociGo Workshop and preparation for Izingine Festival and Hands Fest with the help of the Global Deaf Aid Foundation and CineSourd.
Johannesburg, South Africa
June 2018
Global Deaf Aid Foundation and CineSourd visited VN Naik School for the Deaf.
Durban, South Africa
June 2018
Green Carpet Charity Gala
Kellogg Hotel, Washington DC, United States of America
May 2018
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